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Humble Warrior Training & Retreats

Erotic Embodiment Classes and Retreats For Men

What is Humble Warrior? 

A year long membership that includes a self-guided program about responsibility, autonomy, embodiment, and humility-invoking the Sacred Masculine and calling you into alignment and balance.

In this practice group, you are invited to connect with your inner humble warrior, to unpack and ready you for the sensual experiencing at the Institute. I created this male centered version of my Coaching the Erotic program to tend to the needs of men who are ready to be in community with us, but may not always see themselves in my programming.

Registration is now open and program access begins on January 1st, 2024. Zoom classroom opens on Monday October 2nd.
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When Is The Retreat? 

Once you've moved through 25% of the course work and practiced in our community dojo, you are invited to join us at one of our retreats that serve as the perfect complement to this program. The first, a magical retreat, focused on erotic expression and embodiment, at Eros Retreat Center in Escazú, Costa Rica. At this May 2024 retrreat we will use master teachers hapé & psylocibin to open ourselves up to mindfulness pleasure.

The second, a powerful medicine retreat at the foothills of the Andes Mountains, in Ecuador, held in October 2024. There we work with Huachama (San Pedro) and Psylocibin (mushrooms) to have fun and explore who we are, unleashing our inner child and reintegration to bring inner guidance to our adult self, returning us home to our bodies and our present reality.



EJ (Tsenre)

Conscious Erotic Touch Practitioner, Sex Doula, Usui Reiki Master, Plant Medicine Facilitator

Gene (Shakim)

Conscious Erotic Touch Practitioner, Sex Doula, Usui Reiki Master, Sacred Intimate

- New Year, Whole You -

There are 4 main pillars of this coaching program: responsibility, autonomy, embodiment & humility. These are the makings of a man that is truly of high value. High value to himself and to his community. He witnesses his value and it is witnessed by all of the elements that surround him. He is immersed in a deep gratitude, tapped into his energy and therefore in a place where love is a gracious allowance, both for him and all who engage with him. Explore these four pillars in the following trainings:







- Retreats, 2024 -


This retreat will be held in May 2024.
Details coming soon.

Sacred Pleasure • Plant Medicine • Liberation


This retreat will be held in October 2024
Details coming soon.

Dojo • Mountain Magic • Plant Medicine


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