Humble Warrior 

An 8-week, non-touch self-guided program about responsibility, autonomy, embodiment, and humility-invoking the Sacred Masculine and calling you into alignment and balance.

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A Tantric Valentine! 

Imagine yourself and your lover immersed in Tranquility, Divine Rest, and Orgasmic Bliss

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Calling All Humble Warriors 

Want to work with me? I’m looking for a few (ten actually) good men. I often get asked about men being welcomed at my events and while we have quite a few, I am called to work with a small group to ready you for the experience. 

You must:
☑️ Have a desire to bring pleasure to the Goddess.
☑️ Be ready to expand your orgasm beyond the genitals.
☑️ Be deeply interested in personal liberation.
☑️ Understand the power of humility.
☑️ Share a child-like curiosity for life.
☑️ Be able to face and release fear.
☑️ Have a passport

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Let me guide you to path of expansive embodiment and sacred masculinity through the Humble Warrior. 

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