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Once you have completed your training in Sexological Bodywork, you are invited to explore the healing work of erotic service, and train to become a Certified Sex Doula. 

As your mentor, I will nurture your career in the field of sexology, so that the only thing between you and the work is you.

Get out of your own way and get started today. 

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Over 100 Trained Practitioners in the US, Costa Rica & Mexico

Returning Home to the Body

This has shifted the way I see myself and sex work in general.

Each student has their own experience, but for many the biggest shift is in unlearning the social lies so deeply ingrained into our minds and bodies. This is UNSCHOOLING.

Gene B.
Level 1 & Level 2

Every time I take a class with Amina, my sex gets better!

This course work doesn't just shift your professional understanding of sex, but your interpersonal relationships can expand in this learning as well. 

Amon E.
Level 1 & Level 2

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You too will find that this program is life changing in several ways. I want you to share your course feedback and let me know how I inspire you and how these classes move you. Email me today!

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