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  • This workshop may include touch. Please read the Modern Path Workshop Touch Policy prior to enrolling. Please note the Modern Path Workshop Touch policy is in alignment with the AASECT Touch Policy for CE Providers.
    Your one-time, non-refundable investment of $499 will be deducted from your credit card. Members please use your discount code to apply any promotional rates available. 
  • Consent Coach tool bag will be made available at the conference
  • Class access opens September 1, 2024
  • You need to attend 75% of the classroom to receive your certification and 100% of the course for AASECT credits.

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Authentic Consent at SDS

Unlock the Power
of Authentic Consent® 


Are you ready to take your understanding of consent to the next level and be prepared to serve a safer, more loving community? Authentic Consent® is the perfect fit for anyone looking to deepen their knowledge and experience of consent in all areas of their life. Whether you're an educator, mental health professional, or simply someone who wants to become more informed about consent, this course is for you.

In this six-module curriculum, you'll learn how to develop body awareness, communicate boundaries effectively, navigate trauma-informed consent, and explore sexual consent in a safe and supportive environment. Our unique approach to embodied consent combines personal experience, educational theory, and scientific data to provide a comprehensive learning experience that is rooted in real-world application.

The training runs from 10:00am until 3:30pm on September 3 and September 4, 2024. In addition to the live, in-person class, you are invited to join in on any of the series of coaching calls and practice sessions* offered for up to one year after completion. 

What you'll get:

  • An Authentic Consent® coach's tool bag that includes: 
    • Decolonizing Non-Violent Communication by meenadchi
    • The Feelings & Sensations  Cards
    • The Art of Giving & Receiving by Betty Martin
    • Client & Group Coaching Worksheets
  • Group Coaching Calls 
  • Practice Coaching Sessions 
  • Yearlong access to the course
  • AASECT CE Credits


As a sex positive organization there are times that our workshops will include touch and/or other forms of physical demonstration.

 Workshops that include touch or other forms of physical  demonstration will be clearly identified on the workshop sales page. This content is provided as a means for you to engage in informed consent prior to registering for the workshop.  

 This workshop centers topics that encompass sex, sexuality, intimacy, sensuality, and pleasure.  
This workshop includes Demonstrations: 

Demonstrations will be conducted by the facilitator, assistant, or pre-negotiated guest speaker who is not an attendee of the workshop.

Demonstrations will only occur in support of workshop objectives, classroom concepts, and related techniques.  

Demonstrations will first be displayed by the instructor and their assistant when applicable for the class to witness so that they may engage in reasonably informed consent related to the hands-on learning activity.  

Examples of a demonstration may include, but not limited to:

Attendees may be taught how to give each other hand massages as an experiential way to practice negotiating boundaries. Attendees may be taught how to hold or touch a partner in ways that feel supportive, intimate or erotic but not sexual. Attendees may be taught non-genital somatic breathe and/or touch exercises to enhance communication and boundaries around concepts of pleasure.  

This workshop includes touch.

All facilitators, assistants, and attendees agree there will be no exposure or touch of the genitals, buttocks, anus, or breast/chest tissue. These body parts will be covered by clothing at all times.  

Touch of any other body parts of the facilitators, assistants, and attendees will be for the purpose of education and demonstration with the express goal of integrating classroom concepts and meeting workshop objectives via negotiated boundaries and agreements.

Participants will not be able to avoid witnessing the facilitator and their assistant engage in touch. All touch between the facilitator and their assistant will have been pre-negotiated prior to the beginning of the workshop. This includes workshops where consent and communication are part of the workshop learning objectives.  

All negotiations between attendees must occur within the workshop, regardless of any agreements, understandings, or “relationship norms” attendees may have with other attendees outside of the workshop.  

Participants will have the ability to determine their own degree of skin exposure and touch within the boundaries stated above when skin exposure and touch are relevant to the workshop learning objectives. This includes opting out of skin exposure and/or touch at any time and learning via observation instead of hands-on practice. Specifically, a decline for touch is always an option that is supported and honored.

The workshop facilitator and/or assistant will not touch workshop attendees. Touch of attendees will be limited to touch by other attendees.  

The facilitator will be present in the room during all touch activities.  

There is a wide range of  risks and benefits to participating in the workshop as presented by the instructor. There is no way for Modern Path or its team members to be able to foresee all of the potential risks and benefits. We encourage you to determine your own level of comfort based on the environment, instructor, other participants, and your general state of being on the day of the workshop.  

By registering for this workshop, conducted by Atlanta School of Tantra in partnership with Modern Path, LLC and its employees, independent contractors, volunteers and associates who are affiliated, I hereby agree to the following:

1) I agree to obey this policy and further agree to follow any oral instructions or directions given by Modern Path, LLC and its employees, independent contractors, volunteers and associates who are affiliated.

2) I recognize that there are certain risks associated with the event and I assume full responsibility for personal injury to myself and further release and discharge Modern Path, LLC and its employees, independent contractors, volunteers and associates who are affiliated for any loss, injury (including medical and related expenses), damage or death that arises out of my use or presence at the space where the company is conducting business; whether it’s caused by myself, Modern Path, LLC and its employees, independent contractors, volunteers and associates who are affiliated or a third party.  In the event that I have a loss, injury, damage (including, but not limited to physical, emotional, spiritual and property) or death that occurs because of the company’s negligence, I agree to indemnify the company and all its employees, volunteers, and affiliates from all actions, suits or claims and I agree and assume the duty to mitigate all costs (including, but not limited to medical and attorney fees) resulting from said loss, injury, damage or death.

3) I understand that, during this event, I might touch someone or have someone touch me that might trigger emotional and/or physical responses and will not hold Modern Path, LLC and its employees, independent contractors, volunteers and associates who are affiliated liable for any damage (including, but not limited to physical, emotional, spiritual and property) that I cause on another person or any damage that someone causes upon me.  If I feel uncomfortable at any point, I have the option of withdrawing from that particular activity and/or the workshop and understand that I will not be reimbursed for any portion that I miss or do not participate in.



What People Are Saying:

I thought I knew everything there was to know about consent, but this course opened my eyes to a whole new world of understanding.


I appreciated the emphasis on trauma-informed consent and the practical tools for navigating difficult conversations.