Private Retreats
in Costa Rica  

Schedule your personal retreat for your personal relationship with yourself, your romantic relationship with your lover, or your professional relationship as a healer.  

Are you ready? 

I have a special invitation for you. This invitation is not for everyone, in fact my pathway to healing is not for everyone. However, if this invitation is for you, you won’t hold any space for questioning. You will know and there will be an undeniable calling in your heart.

For over 15 years I have been teaching lovers about the body’s guidance and to LISTEN. I am asking you now to employ that skill, to listen to your body and to trust it.

Welcome To Coaching The Erotic

an integrative, personalized retreat program that invites you to a state of deep rest, cleansing and healing. You are at a point in your life where you are ready for absolute liberation. You crave it from deep within. This sacred soul journey will call you from a place where your ancestors lay waiting to cheer you on.  If you answer this call, you will find yourself possibly for the first time ever in a space that encourages you to free yourself from illusion, energetic blocks, habitual patterns, trauma, and inhibitions.


Eroticism shouldn't be complicated, and learning shouldn't be intimidating! That's why I have created a powerfully simple and engaging spiritual experience to elevate your sensual expression and increase your access to pleasure that pours into the personal, romantic, and professional relationships we experience.

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What are Coaching The Erotic Retreats?

As the dust of the global pandemic begins to settle, and we begin to seek a new normal, my mind has remained heavy on the idea of reintegration and what that looks like for us. After speaking to some healer friends, I began writing rituals for erotic embodiment and invited therapists, coaches and sex professionals to do the same. You are invited to join me as I bring back the temple style healing our ancients experienced.

Your Private Retreat

Whether you are on your own personal healing journey or looking to to strengthen the erotic bonds in your partnership, my 3 and 5 day retreats will guide you back into your body and home to your senses. Move through touch, taste and breathwork sessions while (almost) completely unplugged at my luxurious jungle oasis.

The retreatant receives an ABUNDANCE of offerings to help facilitate embodied change, healing and growth. Orgasmic movement, sacred psychology, conscious counseling, somatic bodywork, plant medicine and healing foods are all incorporated in the healing ritual over the course of an extended weekend.

These personalized retreats offer a deeply erotic, healing, nourishing and soulful experience. An invitation for you to access and dive into your feminine energy, exploring sensual mystery and wisdom from a space of non-judgment, freedom and exploration. This taste of liberation is stunningly life transforming, healing, inspiring and restorative.

Book your 3 day or longer retreat, starting at just $1,500.

  • Dance and Movement
  • Sex Surrogacy
  • Reflection and Gratitude
  • Guided Meditation & Journaling
  • Erotic Coaching
  • Conscious Erotic Touch
  • Plant Medicine
  • Sacred Psychology
  • Practicing the Erotic

10 More Reasons To Retreat Privately With Me

  • Experience your self love, at unhurried pace
  • To create space and time to think, relax and pleasure your  – away from the grind culture and social media sharing.
  • Explore the magic of plants.
  • To REST: It is orgasmic
  • Face and work through your challenges with the erotic.
  • Hear your own voice in your life, get to know what YOU desire. 
  • Explore sensuality in your body.
  • Ground and center. Feel yourself being held by the universe.
  • Renew your energy and outlook on life.
  • Find and access your orgasm.

Schedule Your Private Retreat 

In order to work in such an intimate space with me, there are a few steps we both must take. Getting to know me and my work is imperative to your decision to travel internationally to join me. Getting to know you is the only way I can determine if my work is a good fit for you. If we have not met yet, please schedule a consult so that we can begin our work together in advance of your journey. If we are already working together, please complete this form and we can begin.

Request A Private Retreat

Plant based meals

I prepare local, fresh organic juices and foods for our bodies to THRIVE in this sensual healing journey. 

Touch sessions

Touch invites the body home for the journey, reminding us that it SAFE to feel and explore pleasure.


Erotic embodiment guides us into our bodies & conscious communication techniques become ritual.

What To Expect? 

I have created a private retreat space designed for rest and restoration. The retreat is mostly unplugged, with limited wifi and an ample library. You can expect a powerful energy exchange on every level. We will focus on simple embodiment techniques, like breath, presence and touch.

During the retreat, I will serve as your guide and facilitator, offering emotional and physical support, and giving you practical, every day tools to take with you home and incorporate into your 'regular life.'

However, after receiving an abundance of unconditional love, the way you were meant to experience... well there is nothing regular after that.

Together, you and I will outline clear objectives, and we will work towards them as we connect with your own inner wisdom.

What's Included?

You will be picked up from SJO airport by private transportation and brought to my luxury retreat in the hillside of Atenas. You will have 2 sessions per day, coaching, touch, plant ceremony... whatever path we choose. I will prepare delicious organic, vegetarian meals while you are here. Vegan, gluten free, allergen free and pescatarian diets are easily accommodated with advance notice.

Where you'll be? 

The retreat is located in Atenas. Atenas has been called the "the best climate in the world' by National Geographic. Its location is ideal, less than 45 minutes from the SJO airport and from the Pacific ocean, nestled in the mountains of the Central Valley. 

Wake up looking at the lush jungle, resting with the monkeys playing overhead and meditating with the sound of birds singing.


My Co-Loving Space offers you an opportunity to LIVE, LOVE and EXIST in Costa Rica. In this shared space I offer guidance and support in my role of coach and mentor for those seeking to establish, build and grow their sexuality business.  Return to your home ready to welcome the new clients we manifest here, in love. This space is available for the solo adventurer, spirit worker and community member.

Book your 7 day or longer stay, starting at just $555.