Advance professionally in erotic embodiment, touch and somatic healing



Become a Conscious Erotic Touch Practitioner, Sex Doula or Sacred Sex Coach.


The guidance you need to plan, build & grow your biz, and to establish yourself in the profession. 


Gain REAL LIFE experience as a sexuality pro while being supervised by the Goddess.

Sacred Sex Coaching Certification

​Are you interested in a more comprehensive Sex Coaching Certification Program that offers the healing you need to extend out to others? We offer a 3-part coaching certification program that qualifies you for sex coaching and sacred sex work in the spirit and tradition of the divine goddess healer and mother.

The number one question is always "What does a sacred sex coach do?" What I practice and teach is a combination of touch, talk, meditation and manifestation. The program will teach you "coaching in breath, movement, body awareness, boundary-setting, communication, anatomy, sensate focus, massage, erotic trance and other body-based teaching about sex,” as well as “genital and anal touch for education, healing, and pleasure*.”

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Coaching the Erotic 

Have you been looking for professional development created with those of us working in the field of sex in mind? 

If so, you are invited to work with me, step-by-step, in a 4 day intensive retreat in one of the most beautiful places imaginable. 

The number one question I receive from other coaches is "How can I grow my business like you've been able to?" The truth is, the sexuality business cannot be navigated like most businesses. The coach you need would have to have real lived experience on how best to navigate this field and make money doing it; I've got a lot to share with you to help you plan, create strategies, execute, and more but LIMITED SPACE in each retreat to do it. Register for the next Coaching the Erotic Retreat (taking place on July 25-29) now to take your Sexuality Business to the next level. 

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Professional Cuddlers

This 4 module course covers the basics of touch, the history of cuddling, and the science of hugs, while maintaining the sacred spiritual understanding of human contact and decolonizing touch and connection.

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Sex Pro Mentoring

I work as a mentor to professionals in the world of sex via an invite only mentoring and mastermind setting to help you define, establish, and grow your business. I ask that you honor your work and yourself with a yearlong commitment to place you in a path of proven success.

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Erotic Embodiment

This 3 part training prepares you to guide the lover to use of pleasure as a tool for healing, but with a hands off approach, coaching the lover to access their pleasure. This year's training is offered at the Tantra Festival in October.


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