Have you been looking for professional development created with those of us working in the field of sex in mind? 

You are invited to an exclusive opportunity to work with me step by step, in a four-day intensive that will help guide and improve your sexuality business.

Have you been looking for professional development with those of us working in the field of sex in mind?

You are invited to an exclusive opportunity to work with me step by step, in a four day intensive that will help guide and improve your your sexuality business.

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I've got a lot to share. 

Every business is only as good as the plan, strategies, execution, and team you have behind it. Many of us are simply going through the motions, hiring "experts" who haven't experienced what it means to work in the sex industry as a sex worker and hoping the same strategies will work.

I'm sure I don't have to tell you they don't always translate and how expensive that can be. Let me help you spend some time learning tried and true strategies for your business, from marketing to client-centered practice. Take a big step in upgrading your sexuality business now at my next 4-day intensive retreat in beautiful Costa Rica, July 28-31, 2022.

Sit in a "sex biz mastermind" incubator and learn about:

  • how to find and access your ideal client 
  • branding strategy & hacks 
  • coaching mindful masturbation
  • moving trauma through the body for healthy sex
  • erotic hypnosis
                          ...and so much more

As Seen on Netflix's Sex Love & goop

Netflix created an opportunity to amplify my message of embodiment and pleasure, allowing us all to see the importance of the expansion of this important work. Now is a moment for the sexuality professional, a moment for you to allow me  to help you hone in on the areas many of us miss in the creation of our sexuality businesses. Let me help you shift the trajectory of your business and provide you with tools you can add to your toolbox for years to come.   


Start Creating the Sexuality Business of Your Dreams Now

If your new year resolution was to level up your business, now is the time. Tap the link below and join me now. This is an exclusive invite and international travel is required so grab your payment method, passport, and intentions and click the link below to join me. Only 10 spots available!

What's included in your $1,200 investement:

  • airport transfers to and from the retreat space
  • safe, upscale accommodations in a Costa Rica villa. 
  • your meals and an abundance of fresh fruit 
  • days packed with information, yet plenty of time to rest
  • Plus use afterpay to break it up into manageable payments
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