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Whether you are embarking on your professional journey into the world of sexology or your own personal healing path to erotic bravery and sexual liberation, it all starts here. 


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Coaching Sessions:

intimacy coaching can unlock your orgasmic potential, create a new loving relationship between you and your own body, and bring you closer to your partner. Receive monthly guidance in a coaching call and walk through my erotic embodiment program to create the life of pleasure you were destined for.
$350 per month


Intimacy Doula Sessions:

join me at my private retreat in Costa Rica. spend some time enjoying the luxurious sounds of the jungle, access the medicine from sacred plants and sacred touch in an intensive 3 or 4 day retreat with a Certified Sex Doula. 
starting at $3500


Sexological Bodywork:

conscious erotic touch sessions invite you to return home to your body and get to know how SENSATIONAL you are. 
$400 - 2 hours | $500 - 3 hours


Partner Surrogacy:

Interested in exploring partner surrogacy as a way to go deeper in the work you've done? Looking for a practical application to sex therapy? Have your licensed mental health practitioner reach out to me for information on a path to surrogacy.