The BLACKEST Tantra Festival in the World

​The end of an era. The Atlanta Tantra Festival, an event produced and organized by Amina Peterson, Founder of the Atlanta Institute of Tantra, is no more. 

​My mission is to show you HOW to BE the LOVE, through touch, wellness, and sexuality. I am working to create a community of lovers working together to dissolve fear, create fearless relationships and increase our natural ability to LOVE. I believe we can heal our communities and families when we eliminate fear of rejection, of not being good enough, or able to satisfy your partner or yourself.

After 5 years of putting this beautiful event on, I am happy to say that this project has ended, mission complete. Over the years we witnessed a community come together and grow, express, love, and explore... all while holding each other and self in deep reverence. THIS is how we show up now. Let's go be great!

The Final Atlanta Tantra Festival

October 8-15, 2022









About 5 years ago ...

...I launched the Atlanta Tantra Festival as an act of revolution. You see for years, every Tantra event that I frequented across the country had a common aesthetic. I decided to create a similar space -- full of  love, sensual energy and connection -- that affirmed my existence.
​When you see the same thing over and over again, you begin to realize it is by design. Anti-racism work requires effort. There are no shortages of Tantra Practitioners, Sacred Sex Workers, Yoga Instructors and Spiritual Leaders with melanin, despite what every Tantra Festival all over the world shows in the bookings of their presenters and targeted advertising. 

“In a racist society, it is not enough to be non-racist, we must be antiracist.” -Angela Davis  

So I built a beautiful festival, that centered Black women, hired teachers of color, particularly Black women, men and non-binary people, and created an environment that was safe to be vulnerable, loving and sensual for EVERYONE. We built a beautiful community, excited to learn, practice and engage with each other. 

 As we move forward, the 100 person festival will be replaced by smaller, more intimate events open only to members.

This allows us to hold deeper, fuller, more sacred space, ensuring the safety and privacy of our entire community. 

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From now on, we are in CELEBRATION mode. 'Chella Vibes.
Join me and welcome yourself BACK to touch, sensuality and COMMUNITY!