Offering Gratitude

To encourage the tradition of generosity that is often dressed in shame and fear around financial conversations I offer this space. This work is not "hard" but it requires a certain level of dedication and even sacrifice.   Teaching about non-transactional explorations of love and pleasure while simutaneoulsy asking that we do this in a transactional way poses its own set of issues.  If you find that my work resonates but you don't want to become a member, I understand. I would like to offer you the opportunity to make a one-time offering to ensure the work is perpetuated in our community. 

No matter what amount you can give as an offering, please remember that it is a gift. Resmaa Menakam writes "what you give is about quenching your own energetic thirst for expressing generosity. Not quenching the receivers."

There is no tax-decution to be offered, as the giving of a gift asks for nothing in return. 

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