The Desire to be Seen

Jul 23, 2021
To see and be seen. This is the value of community. It is what we look for in relationships,  familial, platonic or romantic. More often than not, it is the feeling of being seen that is mistaken for the experience of "falling in love." When you meet someone new and it feels like they "just get you" when you are in each others presence, it can feel like kismet.  It can be welcomingly overwhelming, the feeling of being seen in a world where we often feel invisible. 

This is the real problem people are having with masks. In fact, most of what we fight about in relationships is one of two realities: not being seen or not seeing. It only makes sense; when we don't understand the value of our presence, we can beg, plea and eventually fight for someone to recognize that we hold value. 

These arguments are initiated and show up in so many petty ways, but are always rooted in the same masculine energy; the desire for dominance. The fear of not being seen is an internalized power struggle, which feels threatening. In turn, our sympathetic nervous system invokes a fight response, and we get louder, make ourselves bigger and show ourselves, ensuring that we are indeed seen.

Nothing about this is appealing to the energy of the divine feminine. 

The Goddess doesn't fight or argue in her relationships. It is simply not in her divine nature. When I talk about the Embodiment of the Goddess, I am speaking of an understanding of the power of understanding, loving and being. Embodiment requires that we know ourselves, love ourselves and BE ourselves, so that we never allow or accept any energy that doesn't do the same. 

This doesn't mean that the relationships are without conflict. To avoid a game of semantics, let me point out that arguments and conflicts are different things. You may not see eye-to-eye on a particular thing, but there is no puffing up of the chest to defend a point of view. There is no reason to yell, curse or cry about it. When we operate in that manner we are negotiating humanity or avoiding on what really matters to us, using petty differences for catharsis.

Goddess energy is not here to change or be changed, but instead to love and be loved. The absence of that energy creates a vacuum where pleasure cannot exist, and that understanding is divine. Divine Feminine Energy is an allowing one. The Wounded Feminine Energy is however looking for a fight, comfortable in the familiar energy of drama and forcing submission. 

Stop fighting and spend a few moments being. What energy is driving you and how balanced is it?

My mantra is this: my pussy is too sweet to be argued against. My heart loves too freely to go back and forth about my own desires. I am happy and fulfilled in my relationships, because I foster happiness and health in the relationship I have with myself. 

What is your mantra? (feel free to share below)

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