Erotic Embodiment Month

Jul 28, 2021
Y'all, August is here. In just a few days we welcome the 8th month of the year, the last month of summer. Tantra Tuesday is going to look different this month, as we have moved back to our once a month schedule. Last year I declared August to be National Erotic Embodiment Month. We are going to continue using the whole month to learn how to be IN THE BODY.
I am inviting you into the joy of your body all month, and ask you to commit to experiencing more pleasure, self exploration, meditations and movement. The entire month is going to be an orgasmic sensory experience.
You will be inspired by writings, from essays to poetry. You will be moved by meditations and somatic practices. You will be grounded through mindfulness techniques.
You will be more aroused in life than ever before.
Because you are supposed to be. If today is your last day, it should feel good. If you get another, perfect! Make that one feel good too, and everyone after that. Remember,  you have a lot more to lose than they have to gain by restricting your access to pleasure. This is not about self help. This is a return to our source, our divine feminine energy that shines in sensual spaces no matter the gender we have accepted in this life. It is about deepening erotic capacity and connecting with our erotic, emotional and spiritual self. 
Simone Biles, Naomi Osaka and Sha'carri Richardson have given us some "listen to your body" medicine. In fact, Black women globally are realizing that we are worthy of divine rest, not just taking off a few days or a week, but actually shutting down the productivity cycle to ground, heal and rest. They have given me permission through their actions and reminded me that I am worthy of healing myself in the way my body knows to do, that I deserve to rest and that capitalism is a harmful system, and we need to detach when and how we can.
And we can. This month, I will share all the ways I know how to return to our bodies for the most divine medicine. 
Thank you ancestors for directing me towards this message, thank you Black women for presenting it, thank you all for supporting it.
In pleasure and power, 

Tantra Tuesday August Schedule (7pm EST)

August 10th - Erotic Embodiment: Orgasmic Genital Breathing

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