New Playlist: Co-Loving • Co-Working • Co-Creating

co-loving community music Jul 30, 2021

Every week or so, we gather. I created a co-loving space for us to simply be. To be creative. To be productive. To be contemplative. To be witnessed. To be the witness. To see and be seen. 

I have been testing an online digital co-existing space. My goal is to hold "quiet" online space to feel connected in your creative work, spiritual organizing or just to share space and time in community. The format for this space is simple: drop in and stay for a while when you have time. Stay for a few moments or the entire 2 hours. Do what brings you the most pleasure. 
This is where I am also sharing some juicy music that I find helpful in my love spaces.

Here is this week's playlist:
Holy Jamilah Woods
Ebony Haze Brandee Younger
Travelers Aaron Park
Butterfly Robert Glasper Experiment
Brukstep Mark De Clive Lowe
Sketch 2 Nir Felder
Afro Blues Takuya Koroda
Seven Thundercat
This Could Be Theo Crocker
Here's to an amazing rest of your summer. 
In pleasure and power, 

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